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A free source of information and inspiration about pregnancy, natural birth, home birth, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, cosleeping, gentle discipline, babywearing, natural health care, organics, being in Nature with young children, attachment parenting, greening your home, and many other aspects of conscious parenting. Check back regularly because we're always posting new articles!

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Helping Children to Embody the Spirit of Generosity - Forcing children to share in the hope of teaching them generosity can be harmful. Read more.

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Acupressure During Pregnancy - Acupressure can help help with many issues during pregnancy and childbirth, including nausea. Read more.

spanking creates bullies
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Spanking Creates Bullies - If you hit your child, you communicate it’s okay to hit others. When kids hit others, we call it bullying. Read more.

head lice remedies
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Mutant Super Lice – On a Scalp Near You? - How to get rid of childhood head lice without dosing your kids with chemicals. Read more.

rewiring our mother boards
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Rewiring Our "Mother Boards" - How to change our internal programming so we can be respectful parents. Read more.

keepsake ultrasound danger
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Keeping Ultrasound in its Place - Research shows we should avoid keepsake ultrasounds because they can harm fetal development. Read more.


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